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Also mentioned briefly in front of the thermal efficiency condensing boiler equations south africa is higher than ordinary boilers, we will talk about further thermal efficiency. Why focus on how the thermal efficiency, thermal efficiency have so important? Of course, important! The level of thermal efficiency of a boiler directly determine the level of consumption of these boilers, in other words the thermal efficiency is related to everyone pocket money!

Boiler scale formation. After a long run the boiler equations south africa, the inevitable emergence of scale, the problem of corrosion, boiler scale formation is mainly due to the water with hardness components, through subsequent high temperature and pressure continuously concentrated by evaporation, occurs in the furnace a series of physical, chemical the reaction final heating surface to form a hard, dense scale. 1, resulting in reduced heat transfer and the effect due to corrosion under the scale factor 2, resulting in reduced boiler waterwall furnace heat absorption, the boiler furnace exit temperature increases, so that the loss increases boiler 3, the fouling effect of reducing the water wall heat transfer, it is possible resulting in water wall water wall tube wall temperature increases lead to burst pipes, affect the safe operation of the boiler.

Gas condensation boiler equations south africa module intelligent control system, by adjusting the water temperature controller, system parameters such as temperature, to ensure efficient operation of the security module boiler, to achieve automatic control of temperature, without duty.

Six days this month, Changsha, Hunan Furong District Arts Road street to carry out special safety inspection of boiler equations south africas.

Inspectors focus on examination of the health and safety management of boiler equipment, whether or not the gas boiler passed the test, whether to establish safety management systems and procedures, whether set the security authorities, whether with full-time security officer, determines whether the operator a valid work permit for employment, boiler operating records, inspection records and shift records are complete and so a detailed investigation, while eliminating the risk management and operational aspects of the boiler in existence.

In this inspection, the implementation of the following three major check the contents.

First, we must implement the main responsibility for security, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and safety specifications, and resolutely put an end to illegal operation, strengthen the management and monitoring of equipment, hazard, earnestly implement the responsibility to the people, and ensure safe and reliable operation of special equipment.

The second is to strengthen the advocacy training for boiler operators to improve their ability to deal with emergency breakdown or accidents, improve safety awareness boiler operator, firmly establish the concept of safety first, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Third, low nitrogen and urge reconstruction work carried out boilers to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, reduce concentration of nitrogen oxides, air pollution prevention.

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