180 tons steam boiler Agent power plant

When the amount of steam used is small, the remaining steam is put into the container through the nozzle, so that the water temperature and pressure in the accumulator are gradually increased until the saturation temperature at the rated pressure to complete the storage of heat energy. When the steam usage increases, the steam is supplied by the accumulator, and the pressure in the accumulator decreases. The working pressure of the accumulator is limited by the pressure of the boiler. When there is a great difference between the rated pressure and the steam pressure of the boiler, there is more steam produced by the unit volume of the accumulator, and the economic benefit of using the accumulator is high. When using the heat accumulator, the boiler with higher working pressure should be selected, and the steam department should be divided according to the different pressure, and the steam pipeline should be arranged respectively. Improve the economic performance of the heat accumulator.

Gas-fired 180 tons steam boiler agent power plant steam boiler is the main boiler gas residential and commercial water boiler water is a major commercial and residential water water. However, in recent years, from the perspective of a boiler explosion and boiler corrosion point of view, a lot of steam hot water boiler workers in the Year of the maintenance and use of mechanical and electrical boilers or aging boiler is not very familiar with. Therefore, mechanical and electrical technicians paper introduces the steam hot water boiler water quality standards. 1. Installation Requirements Before installing the unit must have the technical strength, installation construction design, installation and construction to develop network solutions. Supervision Engineer organizational design, manufacture and construction units, technical exchanges and coordination in accordance with the specific circumstances of the pumping station. Installation construction design approval after the start supervising engineer will issue an order allowing the construction unit to enter the construction site for installation. The establishment of the construction unit, the establishment of a single person in charge of the project, clear terms of reference, unified command. The installer should carefully study information technology, familiar with the drawings in procedures, standards and relevant technical regulations, master installation steps, methods and requirements, the quality of the installation meets the design requirements. 2. Install the program installation program is a major part of the construction work. Content includes: installation, installation plans. Installation should be clearly defined plan and construction schedule in the installation program. The entire project individual items, sub-items and quantities should be listed. Lord, in a second phase should be separated, and then arrange the construction period, personnel structure and the various stages of construction. The main task is to work together to make progress of each project and interrelated. The main requirement gas steam boiler is as follows: 1. When the rated boiler evaporation is greater than or equal to 6t / h, degassed respond boiler. If the amount is less than rated evaporation gas steam boiler 6t h /, if found localized corrosion, water should be used deoxy measures the oxygen content of boiler feed water and steam turbine. Should be less than or equal to 0.05mg / L.2. If it is difficult to determine the dissolved solids, by measuring the conductivity or chloride ions (C1) indirect control, but the relationship between the dissolved solids or conductivity and of Cl- chloride It should be based on the proportion in the test. determine. The relationship between the ratio should be periodically retested and corrected. 3. You can control the relative basicity of the whole welded structure of the boiler. 4. evaporation rated less than or equal 2t / h, rated steam pressure is 1.0MPa or less hot water boilers and steam boilers dual water steam (e.g., steam and no special requirements for the water quality) may also be used treatment pot. However, it is necessary to supervise scaling, corrosion and water steam hot water boiler, and make ingredients, water and cleaning.

It is reported that in March 15, Chifeng City, a special inspection of the pressure to carry out an internal inspection of industrial gas and 180 tons steam boiler agent power plant upgrade skills than the ability to test cum activity. Chifeng City, the special prosecutor, deputy director Jiao Wenxiang, deputy chief engineer Wang Shusen, deputy chief engineer Zhang Yulin and a pressure test of all personnel to participate. The ratio of the activity is divided into document review, site inspection, inquiry exchange three links, the city of Chifeng hotel comparison site inspection in WNS4-1.25-Q type of boiler.

In the field, compared to persons in accordance with the "boiler periodic inspection rules," "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" and other relevant standards, test preparation equipment industrial gas steam boiler inspection, the document review, site inspection programs, projects, methods, inspection found defect assessment and treatment, inspection records and test the views of notice to fill in field operations and other aspects of comparison. Then the referee group of inspectors to participate in the comprehensive assessment ratio, the final nine inspectors compared the results were satisfactory. The ratio of inspectors to participate have said, by building a mutual learning platform for the exchange ratio of activities to enhance their own inspection techniques, in order to better carry out the annual inspection lay a solid foundation.

After comparison, the assessment team for each ratio of staff present in the actual operation problems raised rectification, so that each person than to recognize their lack of inspection in the presence of, as well as their ability to enhance the tailored inspection Program. In the future, I will continue to strengthen and enhance the inspection capabilities, adhere to the bottom line of thinking and problem-oriented, to provide a solid technical support for the safety of special equipment to hold the bottom line.

Dual Bagasse and Coal Feeders for Steam Boiler Application

Dual bagasse and coal feeders for steam boiler has a wide application, it can be applied in paper mill, textile industry, brewery, chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, institutions, organizations, industrial production, power plant, thermal power plant and many other places where need steam.

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2016-1-12 · A steam power plant using steam as working substance works basically on Rankine cycle. Steam is generated in a boiler, expanded in the prime mover and condensed in the condenser and fed into the boiler again. The different types of components used in steam power plant (a) High pressure boiler. (b) Prime mover . (c) Condensers and cooling towers

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