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Production technology and production technology side fast gas-fired how many thpes of boiler is very advanced, and our family has 200+ service centers throughout the country, as long as you need, we will arrive at the scene within 72 hours to help you out.

Five distinction gas how many thpes of boiler and a gas water heater, gas water heaters and gas boiler distinction introduced boiler: the combustion boiler is ignited by the hot water produced mixed gas and air, through the end of such heat radiators, warm to heated air, so as to achieve the heating effect. Gas water heater: gas water heaters have been opened in the first intake valve and the inlet valve, when the power is turned on, the hot water valve is opened, then the water enters the water heater and then through the sensor when the sensor control water heater ignition, then domestic hot water heating hot water given. Second, the difference between the boiler on gas boilers and gas water heaters function: boiler with a complete heating function, can be wall-hung boilers heating in the winter time, you can also provide domestic hot water in summer can also provide hot water (usually choose home now + warm fireplace, separate heating this way, because the heating of hot water flowing through the heat's hot water through pipes to their homes that the temperature will fall, central heating in cold winter has failed to meet everyone's needs). Gas water heater: gas water heaters provide hot water only, its equipment and a variety of functions not as boiler. Third, the difference between the boiler on the gas boiler and gas water heater energy consumption: boiler burner with water heater barrier, boiler burner than the water heater to save about 10 percent, so some of the more energy-efficient boiler. Gas water heaters: water heater production process and no good boiler, boiler only with a lot of advanced technology in terms of energy consumption has done relatively well, while the water heater with a relatively backward technology, energy-consuming aspects will be relatively large. Fourth, the difference between the boiler on gas boilers and gas water heater safety: gas boiler ignition to go through 26 or more times of testing, only after the ignition detection security, and as long as water and electricity among the three will be considered a barrier a non-secure environment, when they are not firing. There are multi-point limit temperature detection and control of water, electricity and fail-safe, IPX and other electrical protection class. Gas water heater: The water heater is a will to open ignition, so there will not be detected, regardless of the disruption of water supply will start or stop gas ignition device. Fifth, the difference between the price on a so-called gas boilers and gas water heaters price of a stock, in addition to the gas boiler hot water function main function is to provide heating, a lot more accessories, the relative cost is relatively high, sold on the market the product gas boiler should be higher than the gas water heater. Described above is the difference on boiler and gas water heater introduction, gas boiler and a gas water heater there are essential differences in the more northern currently use gas boiler, gas water heater and the South use more, because the cold northern winter needs used in heating, while the South is relatively northern winter is warmer does not require heating, water heaters directly on it. These are the difference between the five gas boilers and gas water heaters, we want to be helpful.

10 tons of gas how many thpes of boilers run Note: In general, gas steam boiler tonnage of large-scale food processing plants, chemical plants, breweries, paper mills and other production and processing enterprises need will be greater, so as to support production needs. Gas-fired steam boiler 10 tons, 20 tons and other tonnage is the preferred model. Gas boiler 10 tons per hour of steam output 10 tons of high quality steam, the boiler operating load is automatically adjusted to meet production needs.

Recently, Xuzhou City ushered in the good weather blue sky, sweetness and light, a set of numbers from the Xuzhou municipal environmental protection department made us confident to bring back the blue sky. According to the latest air quality in the province informed that this year, two good days in Xuzhou City 73 days, an increase over last year eight days; PM2.5 concentration of 78μg / m³, the concentration of upward momentum have been effectively curbed. The atmosphere improving governance has achieved victory.

Since April this year, Xuzhou municipal government set up the city's Operations Command prevention tackling air pollution, and the establishment of 16 specialized working groups in accordance with the classification of remediation tasks, the relevant departments to deploy officers to concentrate on work, concentrate on promoting the prevention and control of air pollution crucial action. At the same time, Xuzhou developed and issued in the history of the most aggressive, the most comprehensive measure of the "Xuzhou City in 2018 tackling air pollution control program," the task of governance engineering, project oriented, technology node.

First, action aimed at the city's 13,654 "messy dirty" business, and sort of closure to ban or stop crime measures. "Coal-burning pollution" key problem is the political commissar of the governance of Xuzhou City, after the operation began, to more than 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers implementation of classification regulation, the city's 18 coal-fired thermal power companies implement flue gas treatment project off white, investigate and shut down downtown bulk coal processing operations point 171, for 22 coal-fired power companies and the city's 11 coal production (including coal washing) enterprises in high frequency sampling.

Furniture, printing and dyeing, filling stations and other industries, focusing on pollution VOCs special inspection work, check the company focused on source control, process management, end of treatment, the treatment facilities to ensure the normal operation of equipment, environmental protection do not have the processing power of enterprise firm shall be eliminated by shutting down.

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