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1 ton gas electric hot water 2 tons boiler manufacturer running on natural gas cost calculation users in the purchase of boiler equipment, in addition to considering the quality and price of the boiler, operating costs are also most concerned about. As a large industrial boilers special equipment, operating costs after start-up is not low. Today, small series to calculate the running costs of natural gas boiler, to help you better understand the gas boiler. On the whole, operating costs including natural gas boiler: fuel costs, utilities, labor costs, maintenance costs. Run 1 ton gas steam boiler 1 hour example to calculate the cost of running the boiler. 1, the cost of gas, 1 tons of gas steam boiler steam rated the amount of 1 ton / hour, different in different parts of the integrated natural gas quality and other factors, natural gas consumption in the 70-80 cubic meters / hour, according to our understanding, now on the market of natural gas the price of 3.5 yuan / cubic calculated (prices slightly floating), gas consumption is calculated according to 75 cubic meters. Gas Cost: 1 × 75 × 3.5 = 262.5 / hour 2, the cost of water, gas steam boiler 1 tons an hour to convert 1 ton 1 ton of steam into the water, because the middle of demineralized water and sewage water treatment needs, 1 ton of normal use of the steam boiler takes about 1.1 tons of water, according to our understanding, the market price is now floating around 3 yuan / ton. The cost of water: 1.1 × 3 = 3.3 yuan / hour 3, the cost of electricity, the main fuel gas steam boiler 1 ton electric burner position and pumps, other mostly weak. Burner using power 1.5KW, use the pump power of 1.4KW, other weak power use of about 1KW. During normal use of the boiler, electrical power is 0.65 times the full load power, calculate the total electric power (1.5KW + 1.4KW + 1KW) × 0.65 = 2.535KW. The electricity is $ 1 / calculation. Electricity costs: 2.535 × 1 = 2.535 / hour 4, labor costs, fast boiler into gas boiler market is the intelligent automatic high boiler plant, only coal fireman who patrol back and forth without the need to manually add fuel high intensity work. Fireman who according to 3000 yuan / month wage, working 12 hours a day, in two shifts. Labor costs: 3000 × 2 times / 30 days / 24 h = 8.33 yuan / 5 hours, gas boilers, and maintenance costs of model SZS fast WNS square type gas boiler in the factory after the quenching treatment and a full range of testing, failure rate Very low, response, post-boiler maintenance costs are reduced. If it is a gas station one ton steam boiler, the maintenance cost is about 2000 a year on it. According to 365 days a year, eight hours a day of computing time, the boiler operation cost per hour is: 2000/365/8 = 0.68 yuan. Combining these five aspects of the cost of inputs, it can be summed up 1 ton operating cost per hour of gas boilers: 262.5 yuan / hour + 3.3 yuan / hour +2.535 yuan / hour +8.33 yuan / hour +0.68 yuan / hour = 277.345 yuan / hour . In addition Xiao Bian also like to remind you that the above calculations are based on the cost of using boiler operating at full capacity, but due to the use of the boiler boiler enterprises have different needs, it may not be fixed to keep running at full capacity. Therefore, some of the actual running costs of the boiler than it is now calculated 277.345 yuan low. If you have more questions about natural gas boiler in the running cost, please direct online consultation fast boiler for more details boiler equipment!

It is understood that around prevention and control of air pollution, ecological Environmental Protection Office of Shaanxi Province has formulated the "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" ( "Standards"), amended the "off key industries in the region of atmospheric pollutant emission limits." In the future, biomass, alcohol fuel electric hot water 2 tons boiler manufacturer emissions also be included in "Standards".

"Standard" is to integrate and improve the local air emissions standards boilers. "Standard" for the scope of the province, covering coal, gas, oil, various types of fuel such as biomass; using alcohol fuel (e.g., methanol, ethanol, dimethyl ether, etc.), gas-fired boiler with reference to the implementation of emission limits.

After calculation, coal-fired thermal power boilers in Shaanxi Province implementation of the new standards, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions respectively about 0.67 tons 15,200 tons, 1.26 tons, down 27%, 40%, 21%; Burning after transformation of coal boiler, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions can be about 01,400 tons, 1.42 tons 14,100 tons.

With the haze pollution reduction work to promote strong, Shaanxi Province coal-fired generating units and 20 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boiler to carry out the transformation of ultra-low emissions, will gradually iron and steel, cement and other industries to carry over non-electric low-emission transformation, the original standard has been overtaken by change of environmental situation. Additionally, the Guanzhong area of ​​glass, ceramics, bricks, gold and other industry, there are a certain number of kiln, its environmental requirements leniency.

The revision of the "off key industries in the region air pollutant emission standards", the abolition of the thermal power industry, coal-fired boiler emission limit requirements, these two sectors rose to individual standards province-wide.

It also increases the coke nitrogen oxide emission limits Chemical Industries, gold industry, glass and glass products, ceramic industry emission limits, increasing the concentration of tile industries and atmospheric pollutants conversion approach.

The new standards are expected coke chemical industry NOx emissions will decrease 70%, the sintering process the steel industry, the particulate matter, SO2, NOx emissions decreased by 50%, 72% and 67%, respectively.

Safe and reliable electric electric hot water 2 tons boiler manufacturer performance is controlled and automated electric boiler power as an energy source in its class, its performance is now safe, reliable, controllable and automated boiler products. In addition to strict control, electric boilers need to operate in order to avoid personal risk. If the rice cooker for a long time, there will be aging. How to maintain electric boiler? Let's look at the maintenance of electric boilers: General Electric boilers must 1--2 years for repair and maintenance of electric boiler, is conducive to the normal operation of electric boilers. Electric boilers for regular maintenance is also essential to ensure its proper operation. Boiler maintenance, it must cut off the power supply and release the pressure. Burner every two months to be removed from the boiler body in order to remove foreign materials such as dust and carbon deposits. Photocell wipe once a month, fuel filter should always be clean and filtered. Carefully clean the filter in the pump, not to damage the gasket. Fuel oil is not the case in the absence of idling, so as not to damage the pump. Water level should always be kept clean, clean the valve should be opened once a day to ensure water clarity. Pull safety valve once a day, to prevent rust. After the work is completed, inspection tools, materials and accessories are complete, to prevent them left in the furnace space and so on. After delisting special person, you can complete the inspection before leaving the job site, ready for future maintenance records for the query.

In order to judge the quality of gas-fired electric hot water 2 tons boiler manufacturer, the manufacturer must have a manufacturing license, and the manufacturer must also purchase the boiler product produced by the qualified manufacturer. At the same time, the strength calculation and structural design of gas-fired boiler are also examined. All gas-fired boilers are confined to pressure, while the liquid-phase furnaces of gas-fired boilers are divided into two types: pressure-bearing injection type and unconfined suction type. The component of organic heat carrier furnace should be calculated according to the current boiler strength calculation standard, and the design pressure of geotextile is 0.3 MPA for working pressure, and not less than 0.59 MPA. Second It is necessary to carry out pressure test on gas-fired boiler, when it is assembled in manufacturing unit, installed in service unit and repaired. In the case of electrically heated boiler, its pressure test is divided into hydraulic test, hydraulic test and gas tightness test. No matter the gas furnace or liquid furnace of the electric heating boiler, the hydraulic test should be carried out in the manufacturing unit, and only the hydraulic test should be carried out in the working unit, but the hydraulic test should not be carried out. For gas furnaces of electrically heated boilers, gas tightness tests should be carried out in manufacturing units and service units to check the sealing of non-welded joints. Gas-tight test methods and requirements for electrically heated boilers Proceed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the pressure vessel. Gas tightness tests are not required for liquid stoves of electrically heated boilers. At the same time, the welding quality of the electric heating boiler should be strictly controlled. Because the organic heat carrier of the electric heating boiler is easy to leak and burn, the welding requirement of the organic heat carrier furnace of the electric heating boiler is higher than that of the boiler with water as the medium. The welding quality of electric heating boiler should be strictly controlled.

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